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The Puebla Cathedral is the most representative monument of this city. At the beginning of the "City of Angels", it was not contemplated the construction of a cathedral, because the headquarters of the diocese was in Tlaxcala. It was until 1535 when the then bishop, Fray Julian Garces, decided to change the seat to this city, beginning the construction of a first cathedral. Years later the construction of a Cathedral more worthy of Puebla began, reason why the project was asked to one of the most important architects of those times, the Spanish architect Francisco Becerra.


When visiting the Cathedral you enter a world of colors and artistic forms that have made it considered one of the greatest architectural works of America, discovering why the monuments of Puebla make it a fascinating city, always.

The International Baroque Museum was inaugurated in the city of Puebla with the participation of the following countries: Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain, the Philippines, France, the United States, Guatemala, India, Peru, Portugal and 21 museums and Mexican collections. Preserves and disseminates this art of the XVII and XVIII centuries.


The new museum is considered one of the most ambitious classical, modern and contemporary baroque projects in the history of Puebla, whose two-story building houses permanent exhibition halls and even areas dedicated to science, Nature and scientific experimentation; An auditorium, terrace and outdoor patio.

The Fortress of Loreto Museum was inaugurated in 1972 in a fortress built in the 18th century and home to the battle of May 5, 1862 between the Mexican and French armies. The site has been outstanding for spreading Mexican nationalism, identity and pride.


The tour begins with a view of the flag area, before entering the historic halls, with subjects such as the Reformation, the background of the French invasion, intervention, armies involved in that war and General Ignacio Zaragoza, who commanded To the Mexican troops.


In another room they explain facts related to the battle of Puebla, especially in the zone of the forts. The historical route continues in the hall of the empire and the opposition juarista.

Cholula, one of the Magic Villages of Mexico, is considered the oldest living city in America. Its foundation dates from the year 500 A.C. It has the pride of having the largest pyramid in the world in base, with almost 400 mts. each side.


Cholula is famous for its churches. The legend says it has 365 churches, one for each day of the year. It stands out for its cultural, religious and archaeological tourism. Here the traditional concert of bells and the ritual to Quetzalcoatl, among other attractive events are carried out.


Africam Safari is a Mexican wildlife conservation park located 16.5 km from the city of Puebla, where animals roam freely controlled and in captivity. It is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.


The park was founded by the captain Carlos Camacho Espíritu, an entrepreneur, announcer and aviator pilot of Puebla. He loved animals and formed a huge private collection in his residence.


He baptized Africam to the park, by his surname and the African continent, place of origin of the greater part of the collection.

It is the largest movable observation wheel in the world, has a total height of 80 meters and has 54 gondolas for 8 passengers each; From there it is possible to observe the whole city of Puebla, being privileged the views towards the center, the outline of the city, colonial buildings and also the modern Puebla.


You will also have an incomparable view of the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl.


Do not miss this marvel that received the Guiness Record, which certifies that this observation wheel is the largest of its kind in Latin America.

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